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Nexus ABS offers free workshops, focused training, retreats, golf outings, and motivational seminars. Our clients receive free access to these at anytime. These events offer opportunities to meet other owners and CEO's facing similar problems, while enjoying similar activities. Your business life doesn't have to be work, work, sleep, repeat. Your work life should be full of positive enrichment, quality learning, trusted conversation, and having a great time being an owner or CEO.

Check out all the events listed below. Register through the website or give us a call to find out availability and more info.

Branding Your Company In The Modern Era: How To Optimize Brand Value, Brand Recognition, and Brand Equity

DATE: May 20, 2015

TIME: 6:30pm

LOCATION: 432 West Bearcat Drive. Salt Lake City, UT 84115

CONTACT: Nexus ABS - (801) 383-2821


Does your brand stand out among the rest? Are you sitting on the top of minds, or in the hearts of Utahns? In this 90 minute training event, Nexus ABS will show you how to explode your brand this year. Sign up, have fun, and increase the value of the hardest working asset you own, your brand.

Dinner will be provided

Price: $149.00

Trainer: Tad Timothy

Welcome to the Nexus ABS Accelerator.

DATE: June 17, 2015

TIME: 7:00 pm

LOCATION: 432 West Bearcat Dr.

CONTACT: Nexus ABS - (801) 383-2821


Are you struggling to grow your business? Are you tapped out of money, time, and energy? Are you always wondering how companies can grow so big? Do you have an idea or a small business and don't know what to do next?

Nexus ABS launches the Accelerator in 2015. This system is designed to move small and start up businesses into a stage of hyper growth and success never before achieved.

You are invited to join this FREE event and get the secrets of success that corporations have been using for decades. Learn how to apply them to your business to explode your growth and take your ownership to the next level.

Speaker: Tad Timothy

Time: 70 minutes

Price: FREE

Limited seating, call to book. Seats go fast.

5 Quick Ways To Update Your Branding with Tad Timothy

DATE: June 30, 2015

TIME: 7:00pm

LOCATION: 432 West Bearcat Drive

CONTACT: Nexus ABS - (801) 383-2821


This hyper instensive training event focuses on updating your brand messaging to appeal to new and ever changing buyers in America and Utah. Learn if your brand is up to the task of taking on the next generation, the Millennials, while appealing to the Baby Boomers and Generation X.

Price: $99.95

Trainer: Tad Timothy

Limited Availability.